Our Values


The Hodoki project was born in 2021, like many projects, out of the need or rather the desire to solve a series of problems that were repeated almost every summer. And not only for us, but also for many people in our close circle. The rubbing of the flip-flops on the toes or instep at the beginning of the summer, the breakage of these almost always by the union between the straps and the sole, etc. These problems made us think that perhaps a new product could provide a solution to these shortcomings detected in the current products.

Once we had identified the problems, we had to start looking for solutions, and it was not easy. We had certain premises that we wanted to meet, such as the fact that any product that was developed had to be entirely made in Spain. That, when you are not involved in this sector, is a real headache. Yes, a lot of footwear is made in Spain, but one-piece injected sandals are almost impossible to find.

After a long time, we managed to find those "technological" partners who helped us to implement our design. And it wasn't easy, in a world where almost all flip-flops are Zori flip-flops, our model inspired by 13th century India would not only be innovative in materials but also risky in production.

Having solved the difficulty of manufacturing in Spain and making them in one piece, we were looking for a way to be a little more sustainable. We considered different materials, finally opting for the inclusion of a compound that comes from sugar cane. The final result of all this adventure is at your feet. We are sure you will be satisfied with the result. An extraordinary level of comfort without sacrificing design, using top quality materials to increase durability. Now all that remains is for you to join us and enjoy many moments with your Hodoki.

One of our premises has been to try to minimise the environmental impact and therefore, we not only thought about how to improve this aspect in the design phase with the manufacture in one piece, but also in the manufacturing phase using more sustainable materials. The Hodoki Anta is made with a high percentage of material that comes from sugar cane. Production from sugar cane is considered better for the planet compared to conventional production from fossil fuels.

One of the most repeated comments from our customers is "they are incredibly comfortable". This is due to the characteristics of the material used and the manufacturing process. At this stage, the quality of the raw material and the exact degree of flexibility vs. strength have taken precedence, resulting in a product that can be used on different types of terrain without your footprint suffering.

In a sector dominated by a repetitive design with certain shortcomings, we wanted to make a strong commitment to an innovative concept. We were inspired by a 13th century model that began to be manufactured in India. There is nothing better than the knowledge and benefits of a product with so much tradition to reinvent it and experiment with new materials, give it a more modern look and improve its usability.

Our ANTAs are manufactured in one piece. This facilitates recycling and avoids continuous breakage due to the joining of different pieces that are glued or glued together. We produce our sandals with the highest quality standards and they are injected in a thermosetting material widely used in the footwear sector due to its lightness and flexibility.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Spain. This guarantees quality standards in accordance with national and European standards, also avoiding child and labour exploitation. We support responsible and sustainable fashion, trying to avoid as far as possible intercontinental transport in manufacturing.